Month: February 2006

Resale rights: A valentine’s day gift for artists

The Artist’s Resale Right Regulations 2006 came into force on 14 February 2006, giving artists (including photographers) the right to a royalty on the resale of their works. The new law is intended to ensure that artists and their estates benefit from the value of resales of their work, and to put them on an …   Read more

FCUK… Tiny Penis… FCUK… Tiny Penis… FCUK

That caught your attention didn’t it! That’s what brands and trade marks are supposed to do. It is easy to state that sensation, sex and scandal sell but what is not so easy is to identify where, in law, to draw the line between sensation and offence, bad taste and outrage, sexual connotation and obscenity. …   Read more

Performers gain moral rights

As from today, 1st February 2006, performers have been granted moral rights which broadly mirror those which have been enjoyed by composers in the UK for the last seventeen years.  Looking at the paucity of moral rights cases coming before the courts, composers don’t seem to have found them very useful. So are performers likely …   Read more