Month: February 2003

Bobby Valentino wins in the Court of Appeal: Hodgens v Beckingham

In our July 2002 early warning we commented on Beckingham v Hodgens, the High Court decision in which the session musician Robert Beckingham pka Bobby Valentino who played a violin part on the The Bluebells’ hit ‘Young At Heart’ was awarded a share of the music copyright in the song. This decision was upheld by …   Read more

Sony v Easyinternetcafe: A loophole for home CD burning?

The widely anticipated victory for Sony and the other record company claimants in Sony v Easyinternetcafe seemed at first glance scarcely worthy of comment. However, the decision of Mr Justice Peter Smith may carry a sting in the tail for the music industry. The facts of the case are well known. Easyinternetcafe offered its customers …   Read more

UK law of privacy found wanting by European Court: Peck v UK

The European Court of Human Rights upheld on 28 January a complaint by an individual who was photographed by the CCTV system of his local Council, and of whom footage was then made available to the media. The applicant suffered from depression, and was filmed by the CCTV system in a street with a kitchen …   Read more

Flexible working: New rules

The Employment Act 2002 contains provisions which are designed to promote flexible working for employees. As with much of the Act, the details are contained in Regulations. The Regulations relating to flexible working have now been published in their final form. These new rules come into force from 6 April 2003. The Regulations set out …   Read more