Month: January 2000

Anonymised medical data not protected by law of confidence

Source Informatics Ltd created a marketing research database comprising information on products prescribed by GPs.  The information was passed on to the company by pharmacists, with the cooperation of GPs.  Pharmacists were paid £150 a year; in the case of GPs £15 was donated to a charity of the GP’s choice. Pharmacists routinely entered prescription …   Read more

A Euro-league for the small countries – a market solution to the Bosman problem?

Football leagues in Scotland, Benelux and the Nordic countries have always been weaker than those in England, Germany, Spain and Italy.  Free movement of players and the end of nationality restrictions brought about by the Bosman decision (ending restrictions on the number of foreign players in a team) have only accentuated this weakness as players …   Read more

Getting the price right: the new price marking order

From 18 March 2000, new regulations implementing the EU Price Indications Directive (98/6/EC) will add another nail in the coffin of imperial measurement.  The main effects will be felt in shops, but advertisers, Internet traders and mail order companies also need to get up to date. The Price Marking Order 1991 will be replaced by …   Read more

New maternity leave rights

Employees whose babies are due on or after 30 April 2000 now have new minimum maternity rights under the Maternity & Parental Leave Regulations 1999. All employees are entitled to “ordinary maternity leave”.  Employees who have been continuously employed for one year at the beginning of the 11th week before the week in which the …   Read more

Limited liability, limited rights? Lakeland Computers Plc v Steadman

A recent Court of Appeal case concerning copyright in computer programs sounds a warning note for photographers who incorporate their businesses as limited companies. Between 1986 and 1988 Charles Steadman wrote computer software.   Like most photographers,  Steadman was a sole trader.  He was the author of the software written by him and owner of the …   Read more

Shaun Ryder loses appeal

The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court’s decision that Shaun Ryder’s contract with his former managers was valid.  This means that Ryder (ex of the Happy Mondays and now of Black Grape) must pay damages of around £160,000 for breach of contract. Ryder claimed that he signed the contract under undue influence and …   Read more