Month: April 2005

Bosman’s continuing legacy: Sackings, “Tapping Up” and Chelsea F.C.

In the pre Bosman days, a player’s registration could be retained for some time after his contract had expired in England until a tribunal fixed the transfer fee. In some countries, the registration could be held for much longer – thus restraining the player’s trade for without a current registration, he could not play. This …   Read more

Use of tabloid photographs in a TV programme was “fair dealing”: Fraser-Woodward Ltd v BBC and Brighter Pictures Ltd

Brighter Pictures Ltd produced a TV programme for the BBC entitled “Tabloid Tales” commenting on ways in which the tabloid press is exploited by celebrities. The programme featured discussion of the press coverage of Posh and Becks with images of newspaper pages containing articles, photographs and headlines relating to the Beckhams. The owner of the …   Read more

Linkin Park trade mark application for posters refused

The band Linkin Park has lost an attempt to register its own name as a trade mark in respect of the sale of posters. An appeal to the Appointed Person was dismissed, the original objections of the Patent Office Examiner (that the mark lacked “distinctive character” and was “descriptive”) being upheld. The American pop group …   Read more