Month: September 2012

Photographer’s Moral Rights Infringed: Delves-Broughton v House of Harlot Ltd

Judgment in the case of Emma Delves-Broughton v House of Harlot Ltd has recently been published. This was a rare case addressing infringement of a photographer’s moral rights. The Patents County Court (PCC) ruled that changes made to a photograph amounted to derogatory treatment of the claimant’s work under section 80 of the Copyright, Design …   Read more

Enforceability of Non-Solicitation Clauses: Safetynet Security Ltd v Coppage

It is standard practice to include restrictive covenants in employment contracts, especially in the case of senior employees, to prevent them from soliciting clients when their employment terminates. Restrictive covenants can amount to an unlawful restraint of trade and thus be void. Such clauses in contracts are only enforceable if they go no further than …   Read more