Month: June 2004

Dutch Supreme Court confirms format rights decision: Castaway v Endemol

The titanic battle over ownership of the Big Brother format appears finally to have been resolved by the Dutch Supreme Court after a legal battle lasting well over three years. On 16 April the Supreme Court of the Hague rejected the appeal by Castaway Television Productions Ltd and Planet 24 Productions Ltd against the decision of the …   Read more

Endemol wins copyright protection for Big Brother in Brazil

The international trade in format rights is now worth $1billion annually, but formats remain a species of intellectual property which has scarcely hit the radar of most jurisdictions around the world.  The Dutch Court of Appeal recently found a television format to be a copyright work, although a claim of breach of copyright based on …   Read more

Joint authors and copyright: Brighton and Dubbeljoint v Jones

When is a work a joint work?  Pamela Brighton (‘PB’), the director of the original (1996) production of the play “Stones in His Pockets“, claimed to be its author jointly with Marie Jones (‘MJ’), the accredited author both of that play and of its later (1999) incarnation, which was a huge success in the West …   Read more