Month: October 2006

US jury awards $11.3m over defamatory internet posting: Scheff and Parents Universal Resource Experts Inc v Bock

This action arose from a bulletin posted by the defendant in the United States on an internet message board accusing the plaintiffs of being “con artists” and “frauds” who “exploit[ed] families” and placed children in “risky” and “possibly abusive” programs. The plaintiffs successfully established that these postings were defamatory and a jury awarded them a …   Read more

To see or not to see? New rules on access to court documents

On 2 October 2006 a new civil procedure rule came into force allowing non-parties to a claim to obtain copies of documents from the court files without needing the court’s permission. In order to obtain the document, the defendant (or if more than one defendant, all of them) must have filed an Acknowledgement of Service …   Read more