Month: July 1999

FIFA bonding scheme to be investigated

The recent announcement that the European Commission is to launch an investigation into FIFA’s bonding scheme for agents looks like good news for agents. This may not be the case. At the moment, agents can bid up the “resale” value of a contracted player who wants to move as a means of getting his club …   Read more

Who owns copyright in digital images?

An American computer technician, Patrick Sagouspe, is suing equine photographer Robert Vavra for copyright infringement over a composite image the two of them worked on together. Sagouspe helped Vavra to combine three of Vavra’s horse images from Vavra’s book “Equus: The Creation of a Horse” to create a fourth image entitled “The Whisperer’s Horse” (which …   Read more

Wealth warnings to be scrapped

A Government White Paper published this month (Modern markets: confident consumers) announces plans to scrap various bits of “out-of-date unsuccessful regulation”. High on the list is the wealth warning that consumers hear in radio, television and cinema advertising: “Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other …   Read more

Is there copyright in conceptual art?

Damien Hirst was recently reported to be suing British Airways over its campaign for the low cost airline, go. We could find no trace of any claim at the Court, but does Hirst have a point? The go advertisement consists of a regular grid of 6 x 5 coloured circles. There are 8 different colours …   Read more