Month: October 2001

Database right goes back to Europe

The recent case of the British Horseracing Board v William Hill is the first substantive judicial pronouncement on the scope of the database right.  The initial High Court decision by Mr Justice Laddie was appealed to the Court of Appeal, who have in turn taken the somewhat unusual step of referring the case to the …   Read more

The Siamese Twin Adjudication

The Press Complaints Commission’s rejection of a complaint by the parents of a surviving Siamese twin is likely to drive privacy complainants away from the PCC and towards the court, since it has found against the complainant on seemingly technical grounds. The complaint was by the Maltese parents of the surviving Siamese twin who was …   Read more

European sales promotion restrictions to be harmonised

EU Commissioners have endorsed a proposal for an EU-wide law designed to remove national restrictions on sales promotions and promote cross-border trade of goods and services. At present, sales promotions are regulated very differently across member states and the divergences between national regulations have inhibited cross-border sales promotions. Policy makers believe that an EU-wide Regulation …   Read more

Distance selling regulations for financial services

A proposed European directive regulating the distance marketing of consumer financial services came one step closer to fruition last week when political agreement was reached on common rules to be applied.  Distance marketing of other goods and services is already regulated under the Distance Selling Directive. The proposed regulations cover “distance contracts” where the supplier …   Read more