Month: July 2003

BSG DRM Report

DRM (digital rights management) technology is of growing importance as further exploration of the internet’s capacity for content distribution and commerce throws up ever more challenges. DRM tools and systems are used for protecting content residing in the digital domain and for enforcing the rules for the use of the content. In a sense these …   Read more

Sports governing bodies further undermined by the European Court of Justice?

Before the Bosman case was decided, national and sub-national sports governing bodies were able to preserve the national character of their leagues by rules that limited the number of foreign players who could be fielded by clubs. These rules (it was argued) also assisted the international representative game by giving greater opportunities to ‘home grown’ …   Read more

Employment Act to come into force in April 2003

The Employment Bill which was introduced in November of last year has now received Royal Assent and is due to come into force in April 2003.  The changes that are to be introduced will have far reaching implications for employers and employees. The Employment Act 2002 focuses on a few key areas, namely: MATERNITY, PATERNITY …   Read more

Premier League TV rights: For Sky, The Cream (Exclusively), for the Premier League, more prune juice and for the EC Commission… a raspberry

The announcement that the Premier League and the EC Commission have settled their differences over the recent broadcasting deal with Sky marks a low and, quite possibly, final point in the EC Commission’s interventions into essentially national sporting matters. The full details of the settlement are yet to emerge but a number of elements seem …   Read more

The Culture, Media & Sports Committee tell it like it is

The House of Commons Culture, Media and Sports Committee has published its long-awaited report on Privacy and Media Intrusion. In it the Committee made a series of recommendations. The one which has gathered the most publicity is that the Government ‘bring forward legislative proposals to clarify the protection that individuals can expect from unwarranted intrusion …   Read more