Month: July 2002

The Victoria Beckham slander case

The Court of Appeal sets out the principles on which a defendant will be held liable for the repetition of defamatory words by a third party. The owners of a shop selling memorabilia allege that in March last year Victoria Beckham protested to three of their customers in their shop that an autograph on a …   Read more

Limited sale and leaseback reprieve for TV producers

Despite fierce lobbying from PACT and television producers, the prospect of keeping the sale and leaseback tax break available for television productions – even high end, big-budget drama – has now evaporated. However, limited transitional provisions have been introduced to save the tax break for certain television productions which were affected by the previous 17 …   Read more

Freedom of expression and disclosure of sources: Ashworth Hospital v MGN Ltd

The tension between the right of the media freely to report matters of public interest and the need to protect other legitimate rights has given rise to another difficult balancing exercise for the House of Lords. Article 10 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights creates a strong, but not absolute, obligation …   Read more