Month: February 2005

Another Reynolds defence fails: Jameel v Wall Street Journal

When the Reynolds privilege defence was created by the House of Lords some five years ago, many thought that it would substantially widen the extent of the Article 10 right conferred on the media by the European Convention on Human Rights, and the scope for reporting matters of public interest would be considerably widened. Since …   Read more

UEFA’s flawed ‘home grown’ proposals: Groundhog day comes round again

Emboldened perhaps by its success in reducing the number of matches in the Champions League, UEFA has thrown down the gauntlet to its leading clubs by insisting that clubs’ 25 man squads submitted for its competitions should contain at least two players trained in clubs’ own academies and two players who have been reared nationally …   Read more

BBC Charter review: Why an external competition regulator is (and always was) inevitable for BBC’s public service broadcasting services

With the announcement that Lord Burns’ Panel on Charter Review is in favour of an external competition regulator for the BBC’s public service broadcasting services (rather than the in-house one which was the Beeb’s preference), one act of a classic Whitehall farce is left to run – namely the government’s endorsement of the Panel’s recommendation. …   Read more