Month: October 2007

Bloggers beware: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club & Others v Hargreaves

In a judgment handed down last week, the High Court ordered the defendant, Mr Neil Hargreaves, to reveal the identities of certain users of a website owned and operated by him,, who had posted defamatory messages on the website regarding Sheffield Wednesday FC, its chief executive, chairman and directors. The users had all registered …   Read more

More comparative advertising points referred to Europe in “smell-alike” case: L’Oreal v Bellure NV & Others

L’Oréal is suing some replica fragrance producers who market their “smell-alike” products by means of comparison lists and, in some cases, in packaging similar to L’Oréal’s packaging for itsTrésor, Miracle, Anaïs Anaïs and Noa brands. There is nothing illegal about producing a fragrance which smells like a luxury fragrance and selling it in corner shops …   Read more

Photojournalism and “fair use”: Fitzgerald v CBS Broadcasting

A case recently decided by a Massachusetts court highlights the special protection given to news photographers under the UK Copyright Act. Christopher Fitzgerald is a freelance photographer. In 1995 he took two photographs of a newsworthy event, a well-known mobster by the name of Stephen “The Rifleman” Lemmi being transferred by police to an undisclosed …   Read more