Month: January 2012

Innocence is no Defence: Hoffman v Drug Abuse Resistance Education (UK) Ltd

The Patents County Court issued a much needed judgment last week on the subject of websites infringing copyright in photographs.   The defendant, a charity, used 19 of professional photographer David Hoffman’s photographs on its websites without permission. The defendant had been told by its design company that the photographs were Crown copyright and could …   Read more

Employment Law Changes for the Year Ahead

2012 is set to bring what observers have described as “the biggest shakeup of employment law in decades.” In November last year Business Secretary Vince Cable announced significant reforms to employment law. All taken together, these are considered likely to water down the rights of employees and grant employers more flexibility to hire and fire …   Read more

New Rules on Tweeting in Court

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has issued interim guidance opening the way for simultaneous reporting of court proceedings through social media, email and mobile communication devices. The guidance only applies to courts in England and Wales. It follows a district judge’s decision to allow journalists to use Twitter to give live updates at the …   Read more