Month: March 2002

Privacy – the latest twist: Naomi Campbell v Mirror Group Newspapers

Naomi Campbell has won her latest battle to protect her privacy. She has won her action against The Mirror over its report that she was attending meetings with Narcotics Anonymous to beat her addiction to drugs, an addiction which she had previously publicly denied. The core issue before the court was whether the publication at …   Read more

Media advertising: OFT sent back to the drawing board

Bringing a complaint to the OFT, and in particular defending it, is a very expensive business. Should the OFT actually take a decision condemning something as serious as predatory pricing, the worst outcome from everyone’s point of view (including the tax payer) is that its decision should be remitted to it by the Competition Appeals …   Read more

Freedom of political speech: Prolife Alliance v BBC

In a judgment handed down last week by the Court of Appeal in an application for Judicial Review by a political party called the ProLife Alliance, the Court held that the freedom of political speech must only be interfered with in very exceptional circumstances. The refusal by the BBC (and other broadcasters) to transmit an …   Read more

Data Protection Code: Part I

The Information Commissioner, the government official responsible for data protection issues, has issued Part I of the Employment Practices Data Protection Code.  Part I deals with ways in which organisations can comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 in the context of recruitment and selection.  The Act places responsibility on organisations to process personal data …   Read more

Eddie Irvine v Talksport: False endorsements and passing off

A High Court judgment this week has finally confirmed that false endorsements can amount to passing off under English law. Talksport radio station (formerly “Talk Radio”) sent out promotional material to around 1,000 potential advertising buyers including a brochure featuring a photograph of the F1 racing driver Eddie Irvine.  The photograph was manipulated to cut …   Read more

A v B and C: The footballer case muddies the law of privacy

Those who advise in the area of Privacy and Confidence hoped that the Court of Appeal would hand down a judgment which would bring clarity to this whole field. Unfortunately, the judgment handed down on Monday makes few issues clearer, except that the balance between the Article 8 right to privacy and the Article 10 …   Read more