Month: September 2015

Additional damages of 20x the licence fee for infringement of loft conversion photographs: Absolute Lofts v Artisan Home Improvements

Judge Hacon in the IPEC has awarded a loft conversion company additional damages of £6,000, on top of notional licence fee damages of £300, for flagrant infringement of the claimant’s photographs of its loft conversions. The photographs were taken by the owner of Absolute Lofts and were fit for purpose although not up to professional …   Read more

Who gets copyright in other countries, photographer or client?

30 years ago UK photographers were at a disadvantage compared to other creative suppliers such as illustrators or composers. Copyright in a photographer’s work automatically belonged to the client unless otherwise agreed. Thanks to lobbying by the Association of Photographers and others this was reversed in 1988. Since then, copyright in commissioned photographs has belonged …   Read more

Digital content: new rights for consumers in force from 1 October 2015

Key message Suppliers of digital content should ensure that their terms and conditions and end user licences properly reflect the new rights and remedies under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 as many of these cannot legally be excluded. What digital content does this affect? It is defined as “data produced and supplied in digital form”. …   Read more