Month: November 1999

Club v Country: The case of Carlos Tevez hands advantage to the clubs

The repercussions of the Carlos Tevez case (referred to last week by FIFA President Sepp Blatter) are likely to be felt throughout sport in the coming months. The facts of this case are very simple: Tevez, the young sensation of Argentinean football currently playing for Boca Juniors, was called up for national duty in the …   Read more

Compuserve manager wins appeal

Felix Somm, the erstwhile general manager of CompuServe Gmbh, was convicted last year by the Bavarian court of making available child pornography to German citizens.  The offending images resided in the USEnet newsgroups rather than on the main body of the Internet, the World Wide Web.  Many of these newsgroups – set up originally for …   Read more

Legal issues with internet child porn images

Gary Glitter, as is well known, has been convicted of child pornography offences under the Protection of Children Act 1978. In a less widely reported case on the same Act the Court of Appeal has confirmed that the mere downloading of Internet child porn images is an offence. Jonathan Bowden downloaded, for his own use, …   Read more

No copyright in a style or technique

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that there is no copyright in a particular style or technique of film making. The decision concerns a copyright infringement action brought by Mehdi Norowzian against Guinness and its advertising agency. Mr Norowzian directed a short film called “Joy” featuring a man performing a quirky dance to music. Influenced …   Read more

No joy for Norowzian

As we predicted last year, director Mehdi Norowzian has lost his appealagainst the High Court decision in July 1998 dismissing his copyright infringement claim against Arks and Guinness. The Court of Appeal this morning handed down its decision, the key points of which are:- a film can be a dramatic work; Norowzian’s film “Joy” was …   Read more