Month: June 2001

Holidays for all?

Following a ruling of the European Court of Justice on Tuesday 26 June the UK Government is going to be obliged to amend the Working Time Regulations 1998, which currently provide that the statutory entitlement to annual leave does not arise until a worker has been working continuously for the same employer for a minimum …   Read more

The Tasini decision: victory for freelance authors

This week the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of six freelance authors, allowing them to retain electronic reproduction rights in their printed articles. The authors, headed by Julian Tasini (president of the National Writers Union), sued the publishers of the New York Times, Newsday and Sports Illustrated for infringement of copyright by allowing the …   Read more

Corporate libel claims: who should sue?

Companies can sue for libel in the same way as individuals. In a legal environment which is exceptionally friendly to claimants, UK media organisations fear claims by corporations since they are likely to have the financial muscle to take advantage of that environment. However, a recent hearing in the libel proceedings between Elite Models and …   Read more