Month: April 2008

Anonymous defamatory internet postings and disapplication of limitation period: Gentoo Group Limited and Peter Walls

Gentoo Group Ltd and Peter Walls issued claims against various individuals who set up a website and chat room forum,, on which they anonymously posted defamatory statements, including allegations of corruption, nepotism and the promotion of female employees in return for sexual favours by Mr Walls. The postings were made over a two year …   Read more

Internet beating injunctions: Mosley v News of the World

On 9 April, Mr Justice Eady delivered judgment on an application by Max Mosley for an injunction to restrain the News of the World (NOTW) from making available on its website an extract from a videotape. The facts behind the application were as follows. Max Mosley (the fourth son of Sir Oswald Mosley) is President …   Read more