Month: October 2004

Live Music Forum: “Save UK live music”

The Live Music Forum, created by the Licensing Act 2003 and chaired by Feargal Sharkey, has issued a call to arms to the music industry and fans alike: act now to help exploit a rare opportunity to expand live music in the UK. On 7 February 2005, an unprecedented six-month period begins, in which licences …   Read more

Interim restraint orders: Cream Holdings Ltd & Others v Banerjee & Others

The House of Lords last week handed down its judgment in the case of Cream Holdings Limited and Others v Banerjee and Others.  A Merseyside publisher of the “Daily Post” and the “Liverpool Echo”, published allegations by Ms Banerjee, a former employee of part of the Cream Group, the nightclub promoters, regarding alleged corruption involving one …   Read more

Well drafted online terms and conditions rescue eBay

A US court has ruled in favour of a website owner sued for libel over defamatory material concerning a user of the site posted on the site by another user. Crucially, however, it was the well-drafted exclusion clause in the website’s terms and conditions, rather than web-immunity legislation, that saved eBay from liability for libel. …   Read more