Month: March 2001

OFT warns internet traders over distance selling

The Office of Fair Trading has promised to crack down on B2C companies who sell goods and services over the Internet after finding that more than half of UK web sites fail to adhere to the Distance Selling Regulations introduced in October 2000 – see our September 2000 early warning. While most websites do now …   Read more

No more hiding behind pseudonyms in chat groups

In a recent High Court decision it was decided that a contributor to discussion groups should not be allowed to hide behind the cloak of anonymity when posting defamatory comments on a web site. Motley Fool Ltd and Interactive Investor Ltd operated web sites which contained discussion boards acting as forums for various companies including …   Read more

Freedom to advertise in the EU after the Swedish alcohol case

The recent decision of the European Court of Justice in the Swedish alcohol case has been reported in the press as a victory for freedom to advertise that is likely to bring about a single advertising market within the EU.  Whilst a significant legal step forward, claims made for the practical importance of the case …   Read more

England’s transfer deadline: the first casualty of the EC/FIFA agreement?

So far, most legal comment on the agreement reached between the EC and FIFA on transfers has concentrated on uncertainties relating to establishing compensation for training and “sporting sanctions” (whereby players who have breached their contract will not be allowed to work for a specified period). However, English football has a particular difficulty arising from …   Read more

Age discrimination and retirement

The government recently announced its intention to move towards implementation of the European Employment Directive on equal treatment in respect of age discrimination. While there is a relatively long time frame for the introduction of the legislation – the Minister Margaret Hodge talked of legislation being introduced “within 6 years” – and the promise of …   Read more

The RIAA finally gets its injunction against Napster

A modified injunction against Napster has been issued following the US Appeals Court ruling of 12 February reported by us in early warning no 63. The injunction appears to give Napster enough leeway to continue operating in a limited capacity. Napster must remove copies of infringing sound recordings from its system within three days of …   Read more