Month: November 2001

Holidays for all

As foreshadowed in our early warning of 29 June, regulations have now been introduced amending the Working Time Regulations 1998 to give all workers, regardless of their length of employment, a statutory entitlement to 20 days paid holiday a year. The effect of the Working Time (Amendment) Regulations 2001 is to give all workers an …   Read more

Tesco’s European defeat to give life to the “rip off Britain” campaign

It would have been too much to expect this government to support Tesco in its battle with Levi’s before the European Court. The government could not readily invite an unelected judiciary to overturn legislation for which it had voted without being charged with hypocrisy, as it is precisely this sort of judicial review that it …   Read more

US ordered to pay compensation to EU music copyright holders

The US Government has been ordered to pay compensation to EU music rights holders of US$1.1m (approximately £765,000) per year by a World Trade Organisation (WTO) Arbitration Panel in respect of the use of musical works by certain US businesses. The ruling relates to a finding by the WTO that a provision of US copyright …   Read more

The Sunday People and press freedom: A v B and C

In a judgment which has been roundly condemned in the press not only by the newspaper which is the subject of the injunction, but also by other newspapers, Mr Justice Jack has prevented the Sunday People (referred in the case as “B”) from publishing details of the extramarital affairs of a prominent footballer. Criticism of …   Read more

Press Complaints Commission upholds JK Rowling’s complaint

In an adjudication which betrays sensitivity on the part of the Press Complaints Commission to allegations of inconsistency, the Commission has upheld a complaint by the author J K Rowling against OK! Magazine concerning a picture of her daughter taken on a beach in Mauritius during a family holiday. Ms Rowling successfully relied on both …   Read more