Swan Turton’s Digital Media group comprises renowned legal experts from several disciplines who have significant experience in this complex and progressive sector. The speed at which the technology and legislation changes means our team is constantly re-assessing the legal risks and issues. Our lawyers also work hard to immerse themselves in the industry to ensure that they fully understand the realities of the market in which digital media businesses operate and can safely guide other businesses to successful outcomes when implementing their digital media strategies.

The team can advise in connection with all forms of digital media and associated issues including the digital distribution of film, TV and video material, images, sound recordings and music, including downloads and streaming, intellectual property rights, licensing and clearances, DRM (digital rights management) systems, content delivery networks and platforms, website development (including content and information, software, algorithms), e-commerce, m-commerce and e-money systems and various audio and visual products and services such as ringtones and soundscapes.

The team works closely with our Technology group to provide end to end solutions for our clients and regularly utilises the expertise of our market-leading Marketing and Advertising team to integrate digital media into digital advertising campaigns and social media strategies and to manage all associated data protection and privacy issues.

Our advice is not limited to the UK alone: we recognise the inherently international nature of the internet and digital rights and distribution and we regularly offer a pan-European or global perspective on the relevant issues and their resolution.

Key contact: Stuart Barry